Why Your Business needs to Focus on Sales Funnel Improvement!

There are a number of reasons why your business needs to allocate the right resources to maximize its sales funnel. However, the main reason for sales funnel improvement is to increase the sales conversion rate. Your sales funnel is the process that takes qualified leads and turns them into customers. So, the focus should not […]

3 Reasons Why You May Invest in Instagram Ads

There is little doubt that Instagram has been a huge hit in terms of social media and while it may not have the sheer number of Facebook, it does provide a very popular, easy to use platform and a low advertising cost for businesses wanting to take advantage of their services. Another advantage that Instagram […]

Is Periscope just another Hyped Up Social Media Platform or the Next Wave?

Periscope is a relatively new social media site designed to provide simple, live video streaming. This particular platform has found a popular niche on the internet by allowing for live streaming of events while letting viewers make their comments for an interactive experience. Essentially, Periscope addressed the issue of going live and allowing interaction with […]

4 Benefits of Using YouTube Ads to Promote Your Business

There is little doubt that YouTube has made a powerful impact on internet marketing and advertising. With millions of people using YouTube on a daily basis, the YouTube advertising cost has naturally gone up. However, it is still quite low compared to many other forms of advertising considering its reach. So, it is little wonder […]

5 Reasons to Build Your LinkedIn Business Presence Today!

LinkedIn is a unique social media site that is geared towards helping people build up their professional career through networking and finding good jobs. However, it also serves another purpose in promoting businesses around the world. LinkedIn for business is a tremendous resource that has largely gone unnoticed by many who do not see its […]