A Tour of Facebook Live – Getting Started

So you’ve heard the buzz and the excitement and you want to get involved with Facebook Live. This is a great decision no doubt and one that can give you a great edge over your competition while helping you to connect with your audience in whole new ways. All that’s left to do is to […]

5 Ways to Rework Your Blog Posts

Sometimes, coming up with new content ideas is difficult. You know Google and the other search engines reward consistently delivered, fresh content. This can be a tough situation when the old noggin is not cranking out ideas for new content. Fortunately, you are probably sitting on a gold mine of new traffic right now … […]

The Types of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Who or What Is LinkedIn? If Facebook is mostly used for socializing—sharing videos and photos or keeping in touch with friends and family, then LinkedIn is its cool and professional Uncle. Around 1993, www.aol.com (America Online) started to get people to go online by distributing floppy disks. Reid Hoffman, one of the founders and currently […]

Website Performance #2

Make sure your blog posts are in line with your brand identity. Use the same style of language and consistent design elements so people associate all the great content they are reading with your company.

Website Performance #1

When visitor land on your homepage is it obvious what you do? Make sure they can understand what you’re offering in a glance and give them a clear step to take. Load your website now and look at it really critically with this question in mind.