Living With a Partner Who Isn’t Self Employed

Working from home is awesome, no doubt. But it’s mainly awesome for you. For the people you live with, it can actually be a little annoying. Not only are they going to be waking up in the morning while you lie there snoring but they’ll find they come home tired while you’re full of energy […]

How to Make Your Posts Interesting

There’s one big problem with a huge amount of the content on the web right now… And that’s that it’s not interesting. Unfortunately, a huge proportion of the social media posts, blog posts, articles and even videos that are on the web are simply boring. They tell us generic things we already know, they do […]

LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn offers vital networking opportunities for different businesses. Because LinkedIn is a social media platform that specifically geared towards business professionals, it users do not have to combat the public and private identity struggle that other websites such as Twitter and Facebook could create. While it projects a professional environment, it can still be easy […]

The History of Live Streaming

Live streaming is touted to be one of the ‘big new deals’ when it comes to digital marketing. There has never been something quite like this and the rate at which it has grown in even the first few months is quite remarkable. Experts speculate that live streaming is going to be massive but we […]

How to Wake Up On Time, Every Time

When you first become self-employed, you might find yourself feeling eager to sleep in a little longer. This is definitely one of the perks of working from home and not needing to commute certainly means you can justify an hour longer in bed in most cases. But this freedom can quickly become a drag. The […]

How to Create a Personal Brand

When you hear the word ‘brand’, you probably think of things like Apple, Microsoft, Virgin or Coca-Cola. These are some of the biggest brands in the world and we have pretty good ideas of what to expect from their products and services, of what their logos look like and of what their guiding principles are. […]

Optimize Your Profile to Help Your LinkedIn Marketing

To get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategies and drive traffic to your business website, you may have to look at the ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile as this would help more people to discover your business and promote it. Emphasize Professional Skills You can get endorsements from your connections for specific […]

The Best Kinds of Content for Facebook Live

When creating content for Facebook Live – or any type of live video for that matter – you will quickly learn that some types work better than others. Some content is simply more engaging in a live format and works better that way, while other types just aren’t suited to this type of video. For […]

How to Stop Feeling Groggy in the Mornings

If you are self-employed, then you may well find that sleep inertia is one of the biggest barriers there is to true productivity. Sleep inertia is the name for the feeling of grogginess we often have when we first wake up in the morning. This is what prevents us from getting up quickly in the […]