The Teach-Me-Digital-Marketing Academy is a subsidiary of Jordan Hunter Digital Marketing.

As the Digital Marketing world continues to rapidly change and expand, it’s becoming harder for many entrepreneurs to keep pace. A surprisingly large number of devoted and highly ambitious entrepreneurs are left without any real systems, training, or guidance on how to build their businesses online. We have also found that there are a growing number of Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and Small Business owners who are turning to search engines like Google or Youtube for business solutions. Most leave more confused and having invested time, energy, and capital with little to no return.

The Teach Me Digital Marketing Academy is an eLearning and training resource website dedicated to fully assisting and equipping Entrepreneurs, Consultants, and Small Business Owners with up-to-date training that coincide with the rapidly changing digital world.

We provide Digital Marketing Training, Downloadable Business Tools, and Exclusive Support Services for our members!

Our founders Marcus & Sye Wells, co-owners of Jordan Hunter Digital Marketing, have been assisting clients for over 8 years helping with website development, consulting, branding identity & development, brand messaging, social media engagement, membership websites, continuity systems, and content marketing; so they truly understand many of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs today.


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