Are you breaking these unwritten rules of email?

Whether you’re a business owner, an online marketer or just someone who emails a lot, you can benefit from learning about some of the most common mistakes people make when writing email. These unwritten rules should be followed at all times:

Use a spellchecker

Most email clients have a built-­‐in spellchecker these days, so there’s no reason not to use it. People will simply not take your emails seriously if they’re full of errors. When emailing with your friends that’s fine, but not in a business scenario. A good habit to learn is always reading over your emails an extra time before actually hitting “send”.

Double-­‐check the “From:” field

Many make this mistake without realizing; not filling out the “From:” field in their email client correctly. As a result the email you send out will appear with just your email address instead of your name, which can cause much confusion and even lead to people spam flagging your emails as they don’t recognize the sender.


You should always include a suitable greeting, especially when you’re emailing someone for the first time in a professional capacity. It doesn’t have to be formal unless the situation calls for it, but it’s always better to be slightly more formal than you think you have to. Also make sure you sign all your emails with a suitable closing and your name.

Don’t use crazy formatting

Some people like to go overboard with big fonts and colorful backgrounds in their emails, but to the person on the other end it’s almost always an annoyance. This type of formatting can also look very different depending on the email client used, so it may not look at all as intended on arrival. Try to stick to only basic formatting as much as possible.

Keep attachments small

Whenever you send an email with attachments you should strive to keep them below 5 MB in size. Many files can easily be compressed to a fraction of their original size, so make sure you do that before sending them out. The same rule applies when you’re sending out an email with images in it. Those are included as attachments, so always resize them and minimize their file size before sending.

Use a simple signature

Sometimes you come across someone whose signature seems to take up more space than the actual email content. Don’t be that guy! Try to keep it to a maximum of 2-­‐3 lines, and as you’ve learned, try to use a minimum of fancy formatting and images.