Common Email Marketing Mistakes 

Email marketing is far from easy, and of you’re a rookie, there are many potential pitfalls you need to learn how to avoid. Some of them are serious enough to completely ruin your list, forcing you to start over again from scratch. Here are some of them:

Not sending out emails regularly

As Internet marketers, we’re busy people. We’re usually juggling a bunch of different projects at any given time, and sometimes one gets neglected. However, you should make sure you never neglect your email lists to the point where several weeks or more go by without sending out anything. It’s a common mistake, but one that can quickly cause your list to decay.

The key to good results from email marketing is sending out emails at regular intervals, never letting much too much, time pass in-between. If you do, chances are your subscribers don’t even remember you once you finally send something new about them!

Only sending out promotional emails

You’ve probably been on at least one list like this, where the owner does nothing but send out offers all day long until you’re forced to unsubscribe. The reason people do this because, believe it or not, it does work and it does get results. However, the results are purely short-term, and marketers who follow this strategy need to continually add new subscribers or eventually they’ll be marketing to no one. It’s always better to focus on delivering good value in your emails and building a long-term relationship with your subscribers.

Making it impossible to unsubscribe

This is very common rookie mistake. For some reason, some marketers believe that by making it difficult or impossible to unsubscribe, their poor subscribers will simply be forced to read their emails and buy their products. Well, think again, because all it does is cause them to click on the ‘Spam’ link instead, which is definitely not good. If enough people do that on your emails, you can actually get banned from your service provider!

Hammering the list with solo ads and ad swaps

Some marketers who are out to make a quick buck and build a list as fast as possible sell solo ads and do ad swaps to accomplish their goals. Nothing wrong with that, if its done tastefully and rarely. If it’s all you do, you’re not going to build a good relationship with your subscribers as it’s basically the same thing as only sending out promotional messages.


There are many more mistakes rookie email marketers often do, of course, but these are among the most severe. Stay clear of these and you’ll do better than most others!