Copyrighting for Effective Strategic Marketing

There are various types of media that you can use in promoting your business and the products you sell. You might be inclined to think otherwise, but viable media alternatives outside of the internet still do exist, and are still very effective. No matter which type(s) you use–television, direct mail, newspapers, etc–you will need to use effective ads. However, this does not mean that you must be the one to write it. You can write the copy yourself, or you can hire someone else, particularly someone who specializes in it. Let’s explore what this might look like.

For television, most stations/shows now have their own production facilities. If you allow it, they will write and produce your copy for you, but will likely charge you a premium for it. Another option is you can hire an independent production company to do this work for you. Do your research first, so you will know what the going rate is; you might even be able to negotiate a lower rate. Make sure your budget for your television campaign is generous, or the quality of your ad will reflect your limited funds.

If you decide to use direct mail, this may be the ideal type for you to use, if you wish to write your own copy. Of course, as is the case with television, you can also opt to have someone write your copy for you. Regardless of who writes the copy, you will most likely hire someone to create the needed graphics. Also, you will likely hire out the other processes, as well, such as printing/copying, mailing, etc.

Newspapers and magazines are another option. With these options, someone typically writes your copy for you, at no cost to you; your copy will appear in their publication, so they have a stake in ensuring that it is high quality. Graphic art companies can be hired to assist with graphics, should you choose not to use in-house resources.

Like television, radio stations have their own production facilities. You can allow them to handle all of your production needs for you, or you can contract third party vendors as you choose, for some or all portions of the production process, as the radio station allows.

As was touched on earlier, whichever method you use, and you will actually most likely end up using a combination of two or more of them, you want to make sure you have budgeted ample funds to pay for it. Some types of media will show it more clearly than others, but all types will make it obvious if you are skimping on cost, as well as on quality.