Increasing The Open Rates of Your Emails

As email marketers we’re on a constant quest to increase the open rates of our emails. After all, the more people that open them, the more money we’ll make in the end. What good is sending out email to people if no one is even opening and reading them? When you’re next sending out an email, here are a few things you can do to increase your open rates:

Keep subject lines short and interesting

Studies have shown that shorter subject lines (up to 50 characters) usually do better than long ones. They should include just enough information to tease the reader to open the email. Try to avoid filling the subject line with hype, all-­‐ caps and exclamation marks, as those are almost certain to harm your open rates.

Use a good service provider

One thing that greatly affects whether your email goes into the inbox or the spam folder is the service provider you use. Some of them really struggle with delivering email to the inboxes of giants like Outlook and Yahoo! Mail. If you’re serious about deliverability, it may be a good idea to try more than one provider to see which one that works best for you in that department.

Build a relationship

Building a long-­‐term relationship with your subscribers is the absolute best way to ensure they await your emails in eager anticipation and open them immediately on arrival. To actually do this in practice you need to set a goal for yourself to consistently deliver valuable content, not just for a couple of weeks but for a long time. You can never resort to simply “spamming” your subscribers with offers like many other email marketers do, as that will destroy the trust you’ve worked hard to build up. You also need to work on branding to make sure your emails are instantly recognizable when they land in someone’s inbox.

Split test your subject lines

The easiest way to make sure your subject lines are up to par is making an effort to split test different variations against each other. You can then determine what kind of subject lines your subscribers like and open immediately, and what doesn’t work and therefore should be avoided in the future.

Don’t forget: it’s not all about open rates

A good open rate does not guarantee a successful email marketing campaign. It’s easy enough to trick people into opening an email by making all kinds of claims and promises, but unless you can actually back it up with a matching offer, you’re not going to see a single cent from that campaign. Keep that in mind and you’ll be fine!