Is Periscope just another Hyped Up Social Media Platform or the Next Wave?

Periscope is a relatively new social media site designed to provide simple, live video streaming. This particular platform has found a popular niche on the internet by allowing for live streaming of events while letting viewers make their comments for an interactive experience. Essentially, Periscope addressed the issue of going live and allowing interaction with a simple, straightforward, and easy to use platform which has really caught on with individuals, groups, organizations, and now businesses.

Periscope for business is still in its infancy, but the potential for this site is amazing thanks to its user-friendly platform. Signing up is free and accessing the site is a synch for businesses as well as potential customers who can view a wide variety of live event video. Around the world, businesses are using Periscope in combination with other social media platforms to create an interactive experience with their customers.

For businesses, taking advantage of what Periscope has to offer starts by providing the right kind of content.

Live Demonstration

One of the best ways that businesses can use Periscope is for demonstrating their products or services live around the world to anyone who simply registers and logs into the platform. For any business that wants to demonstrate live their products or services, Periscope offers a very simple way to accomplish that goal. Plus, you’ll get instant interaction with customers who will comment using Periscope’s unique platform.

This is a fantastic way to introduce a new product or answer questions about one that customers are often asking. A live demonstration allows you to actually talk to the customers directly so that their concerns are answered fully.

Network within Your Industry

Another way that Periscope for business is making headway is connecting those that influence your industry to you and your customers. By showing up to their broadcasts, asking good questions, and sharing it on your social channels, you can really augment your business efforts when it comes to establishing a bond with your customers. This means getting deeper relationships so that your products or services can be fully exploited as well.

Share News

You can spend a few minutes telling your customers about news in the industry, future trends, potential products, or whatever will hold their interest. The news must be about your company or what your industry is now offering so that it will be of great value to those who watch. A few minutes of going live on Periscope can provide plenty of reasons for customers to tune in and see what is happening.

Go Behind the Scenes

If you are manufacturing, testing, or demonstrating products, you can take viewers behind the scenes which make the experience more personal and interesting. This use of Periscope for business can really establish a bond with your customers by showing them how it all works. It makes for a great experience that they will enjoy and will help boost your standing.

Overall, Periscope is filling a valuable niche in the social media market thanks to its simple, straightforward approach and great interaction. This means that Periscope for business is only beginning in its relationship.