Non-Print Forms of Direct Marketing for Strategic Marketing

Using direct marketing to reach out to your customers is an effective means of building a relationship with them. Also known as one-to-one marketing, direct marketing is, plainly speaking, communication between a seller and a buyer, one to one. When the seller interacts directly with the customer or prospective customer, the anticipated outcome is that a purchase will be made. Traditional marketing strategies can actually be employed in direct marketing, with the difference being that you will follow-up directly with the customer. While there are both print and non-print forms of direct marketing, let’s examine some non-print forms.

Telemarketing is a non-print form of direct marketing that has been used successfully for decades. You and your company (unless you hire it out, which is advisable) use the telephone to contact prospective customers. You can also use telemarketing to contact inactive customers, and re-activate them. Further, telemarketing is a great way to keep your customer list up-to-date; by contacting all of your existing customers in this fashion, you can learn if any customers have gone out of business, or for whatever reason no longer have a need for what you are offering. And following up a direct mail campaign with telemarketing dramatically improves your response rate.

The internet is a fairly recent form of direct marketing, but with huge implications. Granted, solid strategic marketing should never rely on the internet, and should be able to stand alone without it. Yet to ignore its presence and potential is unwise. There are many forms that direct marketing can take on the internet; one form is emails. By sending emails using a process similar to telemarketing, you can successfully create a one on one relationship with many customers at the same time; of course, personalize each email to the person receiving it. Copyrighting is very important here, so do it carefully; and send emails regularly, as well.

There are other non-print forms of direct marketing, such as mobile text messages, which is another method with a great conversion rate, but whatever approach you take, make sure you are using the essential elements described here. Treat the communication as if you were standing right next to your customer (or potential customer), and use stellar salesperson tactics. Differentiate what you do from traditional marketing, by making it personal, and speaking directly to the person; following up after the transaction with a personal message is extremely important, and can lead to increased customer satisfaction.