Using Cross Promotions in Strategic Marketing

No doubt, you’ve noticed that on the back of your grocery store receipt, you will find a number of businesses that are advertising in this space. This is a good example of cross promotions. Even larger companies, with huge marketing budgets, will take advantage of opportunities to be involved in lower cost cross promotions. These […]

The Use of Media Advertising Within Strategic Marketing

Sometimes, the terms ‘advertising’ and ‘marketing’ are used interchangeably, when in fact, they are not the same concept. Marketing is a much broader concept, and one method of marketing is advertising. Using various forms of media to advertise your business can prove to be a very effective means of reaching your target market, in the […]

Print Forms of Direct Marketing for Strategic Marketing

Direct marketing, also known as one-to-one marketing, refers simply to the interaction on a one-on-one basis between the seller and the customer. As the seller, you make direct contact with the customer or potential customer; best case scenario, a purchase is made. Direct marketing can occur in one of many different ways, be it in […]

Obtaining Letters of Endorsement

Your list of established customers whose businesses have customer bases compatible with yours, is a gold mine in terms of recommending you to their customers and related organizations. These customers are valuable in that they are an ideal group to ask to refer you to their customers and contacts. One way they can introduce you […]

Non-Print Forms of Direct Marketing for Strategic Marketing

Using direct marketing to reach out to your customers is an effective means of building a relationship with them. Also known as one-to-one marketing, direct marketing is, plainly speaking, communication between a seller and a buyer, one to one. When the seller interacts directly with the customer or prospective customer, the anticipated outcome is that […]

Forging Alliances in Strategic Marketing

By forging relationships with other internet marketers, whose businesses compliment your own, you are able to more quickly and efficiently add their customers to your own list of potential customers. By them having received a recommendation, whether implicit or explicit, from another internet marketer, they are more likely to spend money with you, than if […]

Finding Your Customers in Strategic Marketing

In order to create a strategic marketing alliance, you first need to determine who your customers are. No one’s business is needed by 100% of the population, so you need to figure out the people that need what you have to offer. If you’ve never thought about your business in these terms, then you need […]

Copyrighting for Effective Strategic Marketing

There are various types of media that you can use in promoting your business and the products you sell. You might be inclined to think otherwise, but viable media alternatives outside of the internet still do exist, and are still very effective. No matter which type(s) you use–television, direct mail, newspapers, etc–you will need to […]