The History of Live Streaming

Live streaming is touted to be one of the ‘big new deals’ when it comes to digital marketing. There has never been something quite like this and the rate at which it has grown in even the first few months is quite remarkable. Experts speculate that live streaming is going to be massive but we […]

How to Create a Personal Brand

When you hear the word ‘brand’, you probably think of things like Apple, Microsoft, Virgin or Coca-Cola. These are some of the biggest brands in the world and we have pretty good ideas of what to expect from their products and services, of what their logos look like and of what their guiding principles are. […]

Business Tips on LinkedIn Marketing

Through the years, LinkedIn marketing has proven to be the most powerful social media marketing strategy for businesses and careers. Because it is the biggest business networking outlet in the world, users have a different outlook when logging in to LinkedIn compared to their counterparts such as Facebook and Twitter. On LinkedIn, there is a […]

How to Use LinkedIn Marketing for Your Business

With the endless number of social media websites that have recently come up, trying to choose the most valuable for a business could be an overwhelming task. LinkedIn is the social network that stands out for small business owners. Compared to other social media, LinkedIn marketing aims to create new business connections, not to make […]

The Types of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Who or What Is LinkedIn? If Facebook is mostly used for socializing—sharing videos and photos or keeping in touch with friends and family, then LinkedIn is its cool and professional Uncle. Around 1993, (America Online) started to get people to go online by distributing floppy disks. Reid Hoffman, one of the founders and currently […]