Strategic Marketing

Whether a company is operating in good or difficult economic times they must market strategically. That means that there must be an overall goal as well as a core methodology for the company to follow. Blindly following trends such as “mobile marketing” or “Google Maps” without a strategy are unlikely to get you the results […]

Using the Internet as One of Many Marketing Channels

Naturally when it comes to marketing, most of the airways are dominated by discussion about promoting your business online. As you have noticed in this seriesit is only one fundamental step of at least seven principles. In fact, internet marketing integrates with all six (6) of the other fundamentals. The unique selling proposition is relevant […]

How to Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

You may have heard of the term, Unique Selling Proposition, or maybe you’ve heard mention of its acronym, USP. You recognize this as being the manner in which a person or business uniquely distinguishes themselves from the competition. You know that this is something you need to determine for yourself and for your business, but […]