Using the Internet as One of Many Channels-Part One

There is no doubt that every company that’s serious about promoting their business must be successful getting customers to visit their website. The question is, what your goal is when a customer arrives there. The other question, of course, is what it will actually take to make a sale.

If your business depends on a long sales cycle, you’ll want to give your visitor a lot of information, relevant to their specific need or problem. You will want them to find the information so important to them, that they give you their contact information without hesitation.  Therefore, the content on your website should be selling the visitor on why they should give you their name and e-mail address. In the brief period of time that it takes for them to see what you’re offering them, they should be making a decision that they need what you have.

This is important because there is a process that takes place when the visitor has to take an extra step in order to become part of your database. They must go to their e-mail inbox, and then look for an e-mail from you and then click a link to make sure that they’re receiving your e-mail.

The only way that a visitor is going complete that process, is that they are motivated to get your information. If you don’t sufficiently motivate them the process may work but not as efficiently as you would like it to work.

That means that you’ll need to use some basic copywriting elements. When a visitor comes to your page. In fact, while most business owners spend an inordinate amount of time getting traffic to their website, most do not focus on converting those visitors into prospects.

If your focus becomes making sure that you’re converting the visitors that come to your website to people that want the information you have then you’ll see them become subscribers and prospects. Of course, in order to do this, you’ll need to have good tracking systems that will tell you how many people are coming to your site. You then be able to tell what percentage of them are making the decision to give you their name and e-mail address.

But it is best to basically start off by deciding what you’d like to say to your visitor to get them to give you their contact details. The basic copywriting elements necessary to convince them to make this decision will be covered in the next post.