Using the Internet as One as Many Marketing Channels-Part Two

In our last post, we discussed the fact that website visitors need to be motivated in order to give you their contact details. Often, you can very easily entice them with a free report.

However, you want to have established some credibility with them before you do that. In addition, you’ll also want to make sure that you’ve spoken to them with some basic copywriting elements to give them assurance that they’re making the right decision.

The first element you’ll want to use is a headline. The headline has two purposes. The first is to get the attention of the visitor when they come to your site. When you craft a headline, you’ll want to remember that you are actually selling to them.

A bland statement will not attract the kind of visitors that are motivated to give you their contact details in large numbers because it is unlikely to create any sense of urgency.  Therefore, you’ll want to look at your headline as a passionate rather than conversational statement.

A headline’s second purpose is to eliminate all of those that won’t benefit from your offer. This may seem to be counter-productive. You might ask, “don’t we want to sell to as many people as possible?”

The answer to that question. Of course, is yes. However, you’ll want to give your visitors the motivation they need to keep reading, listening to or watching your promotion. In order to do that, the headline should speak to them with passion at a personal level.

When you speak to a customer or prospect at this kind of personal level this is called direct response.  Direct response is basically using methods to speak to a buyer one to one.  When you’re using this method of communication, it’s better to have 10 different headlines that address 10 different groups of people, rather than to use only one headline to address all 10.

Your headline should be benefit oriented. It should tell the visitor in one sentence how their life will change as a result of taking advantage of your offer. This is why crafting a headline crucial in the conversion process. It’s the first thing that your visitor will read and could be the last if they choose to go to another website destination.

When you address your website visitor in the terms your product or service is going to benefit them, you’re working through the first stages of their motivation. This sets the stage for the rest of the elements of copywriting to work in your favor. For the rest of the webpage or promotion use the following elements to further provide support for their decision to give you their contact details.

  • You will tell them a brief story of human interest.
  • You will discuss the problem that your product solves. You will then
  • You will then discuss what might happen if the problem they have gets worse.
  • You will introduce your product.
  • You will discuss the benefits of your product.
  • You will provide proof that your product is the answer to their problem.
  • You will then provide social proof or testimonials that others have used your product and have seen it work.
  • You will make a marketing offer to them.
  • And then you will give them a call to action.

Reading through the steps might give you the impression that they’re a little mechanical in their nature. However, the elements of every good sale live within them. When a visitor comes to your website, you can take them through the steps without them even realizing that you are providing support for their decision. In our next post, we’ll discuss more of these copywriting elements.