Using the Internet as One of Many Marketing Channels

Naturally when it comes to marketing, most of the airways are dominated by discussion about promoting your business online. As you have noticed in this seriesit is only one fundamental step of at least seven principles. In fact, internet marketing integrates with all six (6) of the other fundamentals.

  • The unique selling proposition is relevant when it comes to Internet marketing. While some will find yours and other businesses through the search engines, they are likely to return to those businesses that they feel have their best interest in mind. It will still need to be your goal to make sure that all of the millions of businesses online, that you give your customer a reason to come back to your website. And as is the case with media advertising, you want to make sure that they get that message over and over again.
  • As you generate sales, you’ll still want to make sure that you’re taking seriously each opportunity to provide your buyer with more value. The more often that you do this and the better you become in doing it, you will find that your customers are spending more at every sale and they are returning to your website more often. The entire Internet marketing funnel is set up for you to do what you can to bring customers back to your website to buy even more expensive products and services as they mature in their relationship with you.
  • The Internet marketing process is advantageous to businesses because of its inherent capacityto for you to track results. With the use of tracking codes, e-mail database segmentation and specific websites, you can get an exact fix on which of your promotional efforts are giving you the most leads. This will help you in your ability to determine how to change your sales process online and to make it so that customers get the opportunity to make purchases that they value.
  • Customer relationships are almost entirely managed using e-mail in today’s market. However, that e-mail can be used to direct potential buyers to special websites in order to make direct one-to-one Companies that learn to do this can typically make effective offers to their customer, as they grow in their understanding of their preferences.
  • Strategic business relationships are facilitated very easily through the online medium. Because of the unique tracking capacity of the website to e-mail combination you can easily set up different ways with partners to have their customers to come to your page and vice versa.
  • Community relations and sponsorships are facilitated through the internet and e-commerce as email and collection procedures are made easier using online methods.